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Maggie Romanovici draws inspiration from her many life experiences lived in different countries, trips to several others, moments of everyday life, culture, and nature.

Maggie is comfortable with oil, acrylic, ink and alcohol, watercolor, and paint that mimic stained glass. She also favors mixed media, with the introduction of collages, and different types of textures.

Maggie produces abstract works in which the ideas and the emotions are seized by the colors and by the movements. She did not leave the figurative to move to the abstract but rather integrated them by exploring the possible duality between the abstract and the figurative.

Her paintings are distinguished by bright, vibrant colors, surprising textures, fluid, and dynamic movements, which are a real feast for the eyes and nourish the mind. The brush or spatula traits always give direction and fluidity to the creation, easy to follow by the eye. The textures are produced by the use of different materials, such as the modeling paste, fabrics, metal foil, etc., or simply by the superposition of the color traits. Maggie also favors mosaic painting, rich in superposed colors and surprising texture.

Her works present a relief, a depth, a weaving of the colors which bring them a unique signature. ART STUDIO MONTREALis the place where she lives and creates.