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I draw my inspiration from my many life experiences in different countries, traveling in several others, and moments of everyday life, culture, and nature.


I am comfortable with oils and acrylics, but I like to immerse myself in watercolor, or ink and alcohol. I also favor mixed techniques by introducing collages, texture paste, gold, silver, fabrics, etc. I prefer the superposition of the color lines with a spatula, but I also like the effects of smooth glazes. I produce abstract artworks in which ideas and emotions are captured by colors and movements. The resulting paintings are distinguished by bright and vibrant colors, surprising textures, fluid, and dynamic movements, which offer a real feast to the eyes and nourish the mind. The brush or spatula strokes always give direction and fluidity to the creation, easy to follow with the eye.

For me, painting is very personal. By immersing myself in it, I become more and more free and revealing of myself. The resulting painting is nothing more than an exchange between my inner world and the outer world.

Painting is also a journey that begins with feeling, succeeded by thought. Shape and color follow with the harmony between texture and gesture, with the subtle balance between light and shadow. I try to make the ordinary extraordinary and I use all means to achieve my goal: I brush, I drip, I sand, I scratch so that my works present a texture, a depth, a weaving of colors that give them a unique signature.

As an artist, I sincerely hope that my artwork envolves public participation to the same extent as my involvement in it.

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